February, 2022
Cesar was awarded the Macromolecular rapid communication Jouniour Researcher Prize at Macromolecular Colloquium in Freiburg 2022 for his outstanding research achievements! Congratulations, Cesar!!!


January, 2022
Jenny started her Ph.D. after a successful defense of her Master thesis.  Good luck, Jenny!!!

October, 2021
Amazing work on the development of Kill&Repel Coatings for wound dressings is accepted for publication in Advanced Functional Materials. Now we are one step closer to solve the problem of chronic wounds and other medical devices in risk of bacterial contamination! This work was led by Manuela with help of the other coauthors. Congratulations to all authors! And particular to Manuela!!!

December, 2021
Mariia's work on the development of oriented immobilization of Pep19-2.5 on antifouling brushes to fight Staphylococcus aureus biofilm was published in Progress in Organic Coatings. Congratulations to Mariia and all authors!

February, 2022
The work on Kill&Repel Coatings for wound dressings is highlighted in a front cover in Advanced Functional Materials. Congratulations!!!

Kil and repel.png

September, 2021
Rodriguez-Emmenegger Lab in collaboration with the group of Prof. Gompper, Prof. Herrmann, and Prof. Hecht got two interdisciplinary Seed Fund Projects for Synthesizing Life-Like Material Systems from RWTH Aachen University on the development of synthetic cells. Congratulations!!!

August, 2021
It is pleasure to announce that Lena has been awarded a Biomaterials Science poster prize at Biointerfaces International conference Zurich 2021! She received CHF 500.00 for her research and a 1-year subscription to the Biomaterials Science journal. Congratulations Lena!  We are proud of you!!!


June, 2021
Beautiful work on unraveling the mechanism and kinetics of binding of an LCI-eGFP-polymer to the surface is published in Macromolecular Bioscience. This work set the basis of Dominik's master thesis. Congratulations to all authors! And particular to Dominik!!!

June, 2021
After successful defense of his Master thesis, Yannick Meurer will start his Ph.D. in Freiburg in the group of Prof. Rühe.
Yannick, Congratulations!!! We wish you good luck and success!!!.


April, 2021
Our project "ANVIVES" was funded with € 90 000 by the Innovation Sprint initiative of RWTH for the development of the prototype and commercialization of the product. The selection was made by an external jury of experts and approved by the Rectorate of RWTH Aachen University.

February 22, 2021
Our outstanding work on the improvement of hemocompatibility of blood-contacting devices got accepted in ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces. We developed a novel smart nanocoating that detects dangerous macroscopic thrombus and directs blood to disintegrate it. This work opens a new era for hemocompatible blood-contacting medical devices. Congratulations to all authors! And particular to Fabian and Lena!!!


January 25, 2021

Our important paper 'Enhanced Concanavalin A Binding to Preorganized Mannose Nanoarrays in Glycodendrimersomes Revealed Multivalent Interactions' got accepted in Angewandte Chemie as Hot Paper. Together with Virgil Percec and Mike Klein, we showed that glycans’ 2-D nanoorganization at the cell membrane results in more effective ligands. Congratulations!!!


January 22, 2021

New front cover in theme collection 'Remodelling of Biomembranes' of Soft Matter!!!

soft matter.png

September 1, 2020
Jonas Quandt started his Ph.D. and David Schroeter will start his Master thesis in our team. Both will work on the synthesis of arborescent polymers. Good luck, guys!!!

August 5, 2020

Our beautiful paper on shape transformations of dendrimersomes is published in Soft Matter in the special collection theme 'Remodelling of Biomembranes'. Congratulations Nina, Anna, Tamás, and Cesar!!!!!!divAbstract

new toc.png

February 26-29, 2020

Manuela and Lena participated in ESAO Winter School 2020.




​​​​​​​​​December 12, 2019

Cesar is an invited speaker at Biomembrane Days 2019 in Berlin!!!

Biomembrane days.PNG

July 31, 2019

The paper "Compact Grating-Coupled Biosensor for the Analysis of Thrombin" from Mariia and Daria was just accepted in ACS Sensors!!!

Together with the group of Dostalek we developed a way to directly quantify thrombin in blood. Thrombin is the enzyme responsible for coagulation and its regulation is fundamental for the correct hemostasis especially in critical patient.




July 15, 2019

The paper "Membrane-mimetic dendrimersomes engulf living bacteria via endocytosis" was just accepted in Nano Letters!!!


July 8, 2019


Pilar Bologna started her two months internship.

Welcome and Good Luck, Pilar!!!

July 4, 2019

Fabian's paper was just accepted in Advanced Materials Interfaces!!!


Complete image 1.png
Fabian TOC.jpg

July 1, 2019

Laura Rohmann joined our team as a PhD student. 

Welcome, Laura!!!


April 1, 2019


Jan Tenbusch joined our team as a PhD student

Welcome, Jan!!!

March 1, 2019

Manuela Garay Anna Wagner and Anton Josef joined the team. 

Welcome, Manuela, Anna and Anton!!!


March 1, 2019

Our new publication was highlighted in Penn Today

Our new publication in collaboration with Prof. Virgil Percec "Encoding Biological Recognition in a Bicomponent Cell-Membrane Mimic" resently published in PNAS was highlighted by E. K. Brockmeier “Cells use sugars to communicate at the molecular level” in Penn Today.

In this publication we report the discovery of ordered periodic nanoarrays on the surface of glycodendrimersomes self-assembled from sequence defined Janus glycodendrimers. The nanosegregated morphologies enhance the interaction with sugar-binding proteins in comparison with densely packed arrangements of sugars. Importantly, this provides a mechanism to encode the reactivity of sugars via their interaction with sugar-binding proteins. The observed sugar phase-separated hierarchical arrays with lamellar and hexagonal morphologies are among the most complex architectures yet discovered in soft matter.

February 1, 2019

Dominik Söder successfully defended his master thesis and started his PhD.

Congratulations and Good Luck, Dominik!!!