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Jonas Quandt, M.Sc.



Interactive Hemocompatible Nanocoating to Prevent Surface‐Induced Coagulation in Medical Devices

Quandt, J.*; Garay-Sarmiento M.*; Witzdam, L.; Englert, J.; Rutsch, Y.; Stöcker, C.; Grottke, O.; Rodriguez-Emmenegger, C.

Advanced Materials Interfaces, 9 (33), 2201055. (2022)

* equal contributions

Ionic Combisomes: A New Class of Biomimetic Vesicles to Fuse with Life

Wagner, A. M.*; Quandt, J.*; Söder, D.; Garay-Sarmiento, M.; Joseph, A.; Petrovskii, V. S.; Witzdam, L.; Hammoor, T.; Steitz, P.; Haraszti, T.; Potemkin, II; Kostina, N. Y.; Herrmann, A.; Rodriguez-Emmenegger, C.

Advanced Science, 9, 2200617. (2022)

* equal contributions

Brush-Like Interface on Surface-Attached Hydrogels Repels Proteins and Bacteria

Witzdam, L.*; Meurer, Y. L.*; Garay‐Sarmiento, M.; Vorobii, M.; Söder, D.; Quandt, J.; Haraszti, T.; Rodriguez-Emmenegger, C.

Macromolecular Bioscience, 22 (5), 2200025. (2022)

* equal contributions


Improving Hemocompatibility: How Can Smart Surfaces Direct Blood To Fight against Thrombi

Obstals, F.*; Witzdam, L.*; Garay-Sarmiento, M.; Kostina, N. Yu.; Quandt, J.; Rossaint, R.; Singh, S.; Grottke, O.; Rodriguez-Emmenegger, C

ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces, DOI:10.1021/acsami.1c01079 (2021)

* equal contributions

Ph.D. student

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