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Latest News

October, 2021
Amazing work on the development of Kill&Repel Coatings for wound dressings is accepted for publication in Advanced Functional Materials. Now we are one step closer to solve the problem of chronic wounds and other medical devices in risk of bacterial contamination! This work was led by Manuela with help of the other coauthors. Congratulations to all authors! And particular to Manuela!!!

September, 2021
Rodriguez-Emmenegger Lab in collaboration with the group of Prof. Gompper, Prof. Herrmann, and Prof. Hecht got two interdisciplinary Seed Fund Projects for Synthesizing Life-Like Material Systems from RWTH Aachen University on the development of synthetic cells. Congratulations!!!

August, 2021
It is pleasure to announce that Lena has been awarded a Biomaterials Science poster prize at Biointerfaces International conference Zurich 2021! She received CHF 500.00 for her research and a 1-year subscription to the Biomaterials Science journal. Congratulations Lena!  We are proud of you!!!