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Latest News

December 2023
Paper: "Glycan-Driven Formation of Raft-Like Domains with Hierarchical Periodic Nanoarrays on Dendrimersome Synthetic Cells" is published in Biomacromolecules. Congratulation Anna and all co-authors!

Paper: "Green Solvent-Based Antifouling Polymer Brushes Demonstrate Excellent Hemocompatibility" is published in Langmuir. Congratulation Jenny and all co-authors!

November 2023
César presented the work of our group as Keynote speaker at the NanoBio&Med Conference in Barcelona! Manuela and Lena also presented their work at this conference.

Paper: "Brush-Like Coatings Provide a Cloak of Invisibility to Titanium Implants" is published in Macromolecular Bioscience. Congratulation Lena & Manuela and all co-authors!

October 2023

Paper: "Synthetic Evolution of a Supramolecular Harpooning Mechanism to Immobilize Vesicles at Antifouling Interfaces" is published in Macromolecular Chemistry and Physics. Congratulation Jenny & Lena and all co-authors!

Lena presented her work on hemocompatible coatings at the 7th Young Polymer Scientists Seminar in Madrid.

Tiziana, Manuela, Maria José and Lena presented their work at the 16th IBEC Symposium. Tiziana and Manuela received the best poster award for their work on synthetic cells. Congratulations!

September 2023
Paper: "Tackling the Root Cause of Surface-Induced Coagulation: Inhibition of FXII Activation to Mitigate Coagulation Propagation and Prevent Clotting" is published in Macromolecular Bioscience. Congratulation Lena and all co-authors!

Manuela, Jenny and Lena visited the ESB conference in Davos and presented their work related to bioinspired surface coatings.


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