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Manuela Rosario Garay Sarmiento, MSc.

Ph.D. student

garay [at]

Manuela works on the development of functional electrospun nanofiber fleeces to promote progression in the healing process of chronic wounds (CW). Current treatment approaches cannot fully address the complex process of healing and CW persist for months without amelioration, exhibiting an excess of pro-inflammatory cytokines and conditions where bacteria can rapidly form biofilm with concomitant infection. The aim is to engineer a functional wound dressing combining structural advantages of electrospun nanofibers with functional building blocks to ensure an excellent environment for healing.





Improving Hemocompatibility: How Can Smart Surfaces Direct Blood To Fight against Thrombi

Obstals, F.*; Witzdam, L.*; Garay-Sarmiento, M.; Kostina, N. Yu.; Quandt, J.; Rossaint, R.; Singh, S.; Grottke, O.; Rodriguez-Emmenegger, C

ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces, DOI:10.1021/acsami.1c01079 (2021)

* equal contributions

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